Subscription Box Financial Model Template

Subscription boxes are a popular business model these days, and why shouldn’t they be? It’s an excellent opportunity to start a business focusing on something you enjoy while sharing it with others. However, one thing you probably don’t find interesting is messing around in spreadsheets to create financial projections for your business. That’s is why we’ve created the financial model template for subscription box companies.

Poindexter is a simple financial planning tool created for users with no background in finance or spreadsheets. The software allows you to focus on what you understand about your business while automating all of the boring stuff. There’s no need to learn any complex equations or how to put a cash flow statement together. Just insert a few assumptions, and Poindexter instantly produces a complete financial analysis.

How the Subscription Box Financial Model Template Works

The subscription box template is designed as a starting point for your financial plan. We know each business is unique, and this template will help you focus on the parts of your plan specific to your business.

Making modifications to the template is simple and takes only seconds. All you need to do is insert some of our pre-built business model “components,” adjust a few assumptions, and you’re all done! 

To get you started, we’ve included a few basic examples that should help get your financial plan off on the right foot.


Poindexter handles subscription revenue models particularly well. Adding multiple tiers or combining your subscription with other types of transactions is no problem at all! The subscription box template includes an example subscription with three different levels: Basic, Standard, and Premium. Each tier has a different price and cost associated with the box sent to customers each month. The multi-tiered model also allows you to make assumptions regarding the percentage of customers that downgrade or upgrade to different tiers each month.


The subscription box financial model also contains examples for different fixed and variable costs. Some of the fixed costs include items like rent, utilities, and salaries, which remain relatively consistent each month. Variable costs are where things get a little more interesting. For subscription box businesses, the core product (i.e., the box) is one of the main variable costs involved. In this template, we’ve included three different levels of costs based on the three tiers mentioned in the revenues section. The cost of each box is applied on a “per-customer” basis, and it is assumed each customer receives one box per month. If you’d like to add new variable costs based on other calculations, such as a percentage of sales, just select the appropriate type from the dropdown!


Adding balance sheet transactions to your financial projections can be overwhelming if you’re new to the topic. Luckily, these concerns are now a thing of the past. To show you just how easy it is to add assets to the balance sheet, the subscription box template includes an example purchase for packaging equipment. Whether you’re adding new or existing assets to your balance sheet, Poindexter has you covered.

Full Pro Forma Financials for Your Subscription Box Business

As you go about fine-tuning your financial plan, Poindexter is at work in the background, automatically producing a full financial analysis, complete with pro forma financial statements. Some of the outputs you can expect from this analysis include:

  • Income Statement (P&L)
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Financial Summary Dashboard
  • Funding Requirements Analysis
  • Charts, Graphs & more!

Once you’re ready to share your plan with others, Poindexter has multiple options, whether you want to invite collaborators to work alongside you or you’re just interested in sharing a read-only link without edit access. You can even download everything to Excel for additional analysis or presentations. It’s free to sign up, so there’s no risk in trying it out today!

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