Software as a Service (SaaS) Financial Model Template

Do you ever wonder how the largest SaaS companies continue to stay on top as the most successful in the world?

At first glance, it may seem their success is due to unique business ideas, which is definitely one factor, but unique ideas don't keep you in the lead for long. The truth is, execution arguably plays a more significant role in success, and part of execution is understanding how your goals translate into financial outcomes. This is where our SaaS Financial Model Template comes in.

The goal of any financial model is to clearly communicate how the company's activities will help achieve the objectives set by management. This clear communication is critical whether you’re raising capital or making a presentation to stakeholders. Our financial model was built to give you the power of clear communication, no matter how financially savvy you are (or aren't).

The SaaS financial model template is simple and well-structured, providing detailed information about your business beyond just the financials.

If you want to understand how a decrease in churn affects customer lifetime value or what conversion rate you need to meet customer acquisition targets, then this is the template for you.

How the SaaS Financial Model Works

Poindexter automatically builds complete Pro Forma Financial Statements and dashboards for your SaaS business.  Just insert some of our pre-built financial model components, and include some assumptions about the future. That’s it!

The template emphasizes a bottom-up modeling process, so you'll start off forecasting customer acquisition targets, including lead generation and conversion. Once we've got some new customers, we'll start building out the revenue model, where you can include as many one-off or recurring revenue streams as you'd like. Next, we build out the company's cost structure with simple components that make it easy to forecast server costs on a per-user basis or one-time onboarding costs for new customers. Then all we need to do is include any asset purchases, loans, or equity injections and we're all done!

This SaaS financial model gives you a clear sense of the milestones you need to hit, providing your team with actionable and sequenced targets.

You'll be able to clearly answer questions about the number of customers you need to break even, or how much capital you need to raise for scaling.

You're a SaaS founder, you don't have time to mess around with a financial model all day. You've got a business to run, and we built this template for you.

SaaS Financial Model Output: Pro Forma Financials

Poindexter takes the burden off your shoulders by removing the hard part of financial modeling and automatically produces all the pro forma financials needed to your run your SaaS business.

Outputs of the model include fully dynamic Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, funding requirements, financial dashboards, KPI’s, charts, and graphs. You can even download it all to MS Excel!

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