Gym / Fitness Studio Financial Model Template

Are you searching for a financial planning template for gyms or fitness studios? Well, then you've come to the right place! If I had to guess, you take fitness pretty seriously; so much so that friends may even refer to you as a "fitness freak." It's a natural conclusion then to start a business doing the thing love. The best businesses, after all, combine passion, hard work, and persistence. Qualities a fitness freak like you probably have in spades.

We at Poindexter get that although you have the confidence to conquer anything you put your mind to, sometimes it's nice to have a little help with the many demands that come with starting a gym. That's why we've created the financial model template for gyms and fitness studios. It's a simple tool that allows you to plan your business without learning the intricacies of finance or accounting. Just focus on the things you already know, and Poindexter will do the heavy lifting for you -- financially speaking, of course. Think of us as your very own "finance freak."

How the Gym / Fitness Studio Financial Model Works

We created this pro forma template not to fit all gyms and fitness studios into a single bucket but to use as a starting point to craft your business's unique financial story with ease. This isn't one of those templates that will be impossible to modify or update. All financial results are entirely automated.

To get you started, we've included two example revenue streams: one based on revenue from memberships and the second being class-based revenue. We forecast each revenue stream based on the "driver," or source, called "New Members." The template assumes only members will take classes, but you can change that in seconds. Just insert some of our pre-built financial model "components" and add new assumptions. No equations or math required. If you need any help, go ahead and contact support. We're more than happy to jump on a quick call to help out.

Aside from the revenue streams we've included, there are also a host of costs and investments you may encounter as well. One example demonstrates how you might add new trainers to payroll, and another shows you how to add purchases of workout equipment. Based on examples like these, you should be able to add or adjust any missing elements in minutes.

Full Pro Forma Financials for Your Gym or Fitness Studio

Once your assumptions are fine-tuned and ready to go, all the work on your end is done! Poindexter automatically produces a complete financial analysis based on your plan. This analysis includes summary dashboards, charts, graphs, and even complete Pro Forma Income Statements (P&L), Balance Sheets, and Cash Flow Statements. Everything you'll need to impress investors, lenders, potential partners, or advisors. Sharing your plan is easy too. Just download everything to MS Excel or create a custom, password-protected link to share with anyone you'd like. It's free to try it all out, so there's no risk involved! Sign up below to get started.

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