Gas Station Financial Model Template

Are you trying to produce financial projections for your gas station but not sure where to start? Well, you’re in the right place. Most business owners want to spend their time focusing on growing their business, not messing around with spreadsheets and learning complex accounting rules. That’s why we created the financial model template for gas stations.

The template is easy to customize, and it doesn’t matter whether you have any background in finance or accounting. Our software, Poindexter, was designed with simplicity in mind so that it’s easier than ever to create professional financial projections for your gas station. The template is easy to customize, and it doesn’t matter whether you have any background in finance or accounting. There are no spreadsheets or complicated formulas required. All you need is a basic plan, and Poindexter automatically produces a custom financial analysis.

How the Gas Station Financial Model Template Works

Each business is unique in some way, and when you’re creating a financial plan with spreadsheets, it’s hard to tell your particular story without breaking everything. Our software was designed to address these problems. 

The gas station financial model template is intended as a starting point for crafting your financial plan. We’ve included some essential revenues, costs, and investments that should be relevant to your gas station, and those examples will serve as a simple demonstration of how Poindexter works. You’ll then be able to make modifications to customize your plan in minutes.

Here’s a little more about what the template includes in each section:


Revenues are calculated based on a simple forecast for the number of customers acquired each month and the percentage of those customers that purchase one of three different grades of gasoline. To keep things simple, we assume an average transaction amount for each grade. Adding new revenue streams to differentiate between average income from SUV’sand compact cars or calculating revenue in a completely different manner only takes minutes.


Costs for all businesses come in two forms: fixed and variable. The gas station financial model template provides examples of both kinds, so you can quickly add the expenses you need. The fixed costs included are things like rent, utilities, advertising, salaries, and hourly labor. Variable expenses fluctuate depending on how much product the business sells, which is an excellent opportunity to forecast gasoline costs as a percentage of sales. We’ve separated the costs of gas by each grade, making it easy to establish different profit margins for the three tiers. There are many other methods for applying variable expenses, and the examples provided should be more than enough to get you started.


Balance sheet transactions are often an area of difficulty for those new to financial projections. Luckily, these issues are no longer a concern. As part of the template, we’ve included an example purchase for a four-post auto lift to show you just how easy it is to add new assets to your balance sheet.

Complete Pro Forma Financial Statements for Your Gas Station

As you fine-tune your plan, Poindexter is automatically working in the background, creating a complete financial analysis. You’ll get all of the documents you’ll need to raise money from investors, get a loan, or simply assess the financial viability of your plan.

Here are some of the outputs you can expect:

  • Pro Forma Income Statement (P&L)
  • Pro Forma Balance Sheet
  • Pro Forma Cash Flow Statement
  • Financial Summary Dashboard
  • Funding Requirements Analysis
  • Charts, Graphs & more!

If you’d like to share your plan with others, there are multiple options depending on the access you’d like to provide. Whether you want to invite a collaborator to help you build the plan or just want a read-only link without edit access, Poindexter has you covered. You can even download everything to Excel for offline presentations or additional analysis. It’s free to sign up, so there’s nothing to lose! Try it out today!

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