Candy Shop Financial Model Template

Candy shops are magical places. Almost everyone has a point in their lives when they're excited to visit a candy store. It makes sense then that owning a candy shop would be a good way to bring happiness and joy to people every day. However, as the proprietor of such a company, your happiness is important too, and one thing that probably doesn't bring you joy is creating financial projections for your business. This is why we created the financial model template for candy shops.

Poindexter is software designed to make it easy to produce your own professional financial forecasts without a background in finance or spreadsheets. You won't need to learn any complicated equations or format any reports. All you need is knowledge about your business. Poindexter then produces a full financial analysis complete with the standard documents you need to get a loan or raise funding from investors.

How the Candy Shop Financial Model Template Works

We know each business has something that makes it unique, which is why we created this template to use as a general starting point. There are common things most businesses encounter, like paying rent, and we've done our best to use those standard items as an opportunity to show you how the software works so that you can focus on the parts of your plan unique to your story. Adding, updating, or removing elements of the template is very easy to do by design.

Some of the examples provided by the template include:


The example revenue model is broken out according to specific product sales. The initial products include chocolate, gummy bears, caramel, lollipops, and chewing gum. Sales are calculated based on the percentage of customers that purchase each product. Adding, updating, or removing products is very easy. You can even reconfigure the entire revenue model to forecast sales based on another metric of your choosing in minutes.


There are two primary types of costs included in the template: fixed and variable. Fixed costs include rent, salaries, and advertising, which tend to be fairly stable every month. Variable costs are included in the cost of goods section as a percentage of sales for each product sold. This means you can set different percentages for each product to calculate different profit margins for chocolate vs. gummy bears. There are several other methods for calculating variable costs, but the examples included should provide enough insight to get you started and on your way.


For those new to forecasting, one of the trickier parts of creating financial projections is often calculating the effects of balance sheet transactions. However, those concerns are now a thing of the past. To show you how easy it is to add assets, loans, or equity to your balance sheet, we've included some renovation startup costs to get your store ready for launch!

Full Pro Forma Financial Statements for Your Candy Shop

Poindexter automatically creates a full financial analysis based on the assumptions included in your plan. Everything you need to get a loan, raise investment capital, or understand the financial viability of your business.

Here are some of the outputs you can expect:

  • Pro Forma Income Statement (P&L)
  • Pro Forma Balance Sheet
  • Pro Forma Cash Flow Statement
  • Financial Summary Dashboard
  • Funding Requirements Analysis
  • Charts & Graphs

Once you're finished fine-tuning the numbers, sharing them with others is a piece of cake. There are options for inviting collaborators to work alongside you, or you can generate shareable links with read-only access. You can also download everything to Excel for further analysis or presentations. It's free to sign up, so there's no risk in trying it out!

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