Brewery Financial Model Template

Brewing your favorite beverages is a labor of love. It takes patience, experimentation, and persistence, all of which are qualities that make for a fantastic entrepreneur. However, your love for brewing probably doesn't translate into a love for spreadsheets and financial forecasting. That's not why you started the business, but that's exactly why we created the financial model template for breweries.

If you're not interested in learning financial equations or how to put a balance sheet together, then you're in the right place. This financial model template will automatically produce a full financial analysis based on simple assumptions you already understand about your business. There's no need for expertise in finance or spreadsheets required. With Poindexter, you can create professional financial projections 10x faster, which gets you back to work on the things that move your business forward.

How the Brewery Financial Model Works

The brewery financial model template is designed as a starting point to give you an idea of how Poindexter works. There are common scenarios most breweries will face, like paying rent, but there are also parts of your plan that are unique to your business, which is what we want to help you focus on. It works kind of like legos. We provide some pre-built business model components you can quickly stitch together in several combinations, which allows you the flexibility to make the financial plan your very own.

Updating, adding, or removing components of the template is a piece of cake. All you need to do is insert some of the pre-built business model components, adjust a few assumptions, and you're all done!

To get you started, we've included some of the following examples for each section of your financial plan.


The template includes two example methods for calculating revenue. The first method is based on the sale of case equivalents by retailer, and the second is based on the sale of case equivalents by product. Both methods are similar in theory and are calculated by multiplying the forecast for case equivalents and an average price. However, these methods differ in how we might go about setting up the rest of the model. For instance, if we wanted to include a specific cost for producing each product, we may want to separate sales by product type. The options are nearly limitless, and modifying the template to suit your needs only takes minutes.


The financial model template includes a handful of expenses you're likely to encounter based on both fixed and variable costs. Some of the fixed costs include items like payroll, insurance, and a truck lease. The variable costs include the cost of goods as a percentage of sales separated by both product and retailer. Like with revenue, adding new costs is just a matter of selecting from the dropdown and adjusting a few assumptions.


One of the more difficult parts of creating financial projections often arises from forecasting balance sheet transactions. With Poindexter, it couldn't be easier, and we've included an example purchase of brewing equipment to prove it. Now you can plan any investments in property, plant, or equipment in a matter of seconds.

Full Pro Forma Financial Statements for Your Brewery

All financial results are automatically generated based on the business model components and assumptions included in your financial plan. There's no need to format reports or mess with charts or graphs. Here are some of the outputs you can expect:

  • Pro Forma Income Statement (P&L)
  • Pro Forma Balance Sheet
  • Pro Forma Cash Flow Statement
  • Financial Summary Dashboard
  • Charts & Graphs

There are also multiple ways to share your financial plan with others, whether you want to invite a collaborator to help you put everything together or you just want to generate a read-only link without editing access. You can even download your results to Excel for further analysis or presentations.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and try Poindexter for free! There's no risk to get started because we offer a free 14-day free trial, and if you get stuck, we're always here to help.

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