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Poindexter + Xero: Simple Financial Analytics

Brandon Crossley
Sep 19, 2019

Partner App Status

We’re excited to announce that we’ve completed an integration with the online accounting software Xero and received “Connected Partner App” status on their platform.

You can now find us on Xero’s app store (here), where we begin our journey down the path leveraging real-time financial data for more intelligent budgeting and forecasting. 

If all goes according to plan, this partnership will enable the delivery of valuable new features faster than ever.

What does this mean for users?

Poindexter users can now import real-time financial data from Xero and track progress toward goals on a simple, customizable management dashboard. 

In less than one-minute users can set up the integration and start visualizing accounting data, spotting trends in key financial metrics and ratios.

Individual dashboard settings are saved to your account, so the most relevant information is immediately available every time you log in.

What’s next?

The current feature set is just the beginning of how we plan to integrate the two platforms more closely over the coming months. There are many exciting features in-store, some of which users have requested, others we’re building to redefine how you think about financial software.

Ultimately, our goal is simple. We want to create a world of greater economic stability for small businesses by improving decision-making with smarter financial data, and we won’t rest until we’ve done just that.

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About the Author
Brandon is Co-Founder and CEO of Poindexter. He enjoys questioning his own existence and convincing strangers we're trapped in a simulation.